31 October 2010

Halloween treats for adults

I thought I would share some of the food treats from our Halloween festivities.  These photos are from my 7 year old Sony P&S and my iPhone.  I hurt my wrist the other day and the DSLR was a bit to heavy to use today, but I didn't want to miss sharing the fun.

StarryNews made this veggie skeleton, which had dip and broccoli for the head, apparently I jumped the gun with the photo here.  Really, I wanted to catch all the creative food before we ate it all!

Here the pizza cheese was dual color, like candy corn.  The mini-dogs were wrapped and called "monster toes", but I also thought they looked like little mummies.

My contribution this week was pumpkin pie pudding.  Not nearly as creative as the first few, but delicious.  I used gluten-free cake mix on top (to meet some dietary needs of our group) and I really liked the texture better than with the regular mix.  Also, I don't use the entire box, just enough to have an even covering over the pudding and then drizzle on the butter.  I recommend it!

And to top the evening off, Carmel-Apple Cider-Vanilla-and Brandy drinks!

These were served in double shot glasses which made them adorable.  A good time and great food was had by all.  Happy Halloween!



Jan n Jer said...

Very creative, Oh my, that drink looks and sounds to die for!

SouthernSass said...

Fun and yummy photos! I hope your wrist is better!

justine said...

wow, I've never heard of half these foods! they all look delicious, I would love to try the pudding. Hope your wrist gets better soon. Glad you are thinking of joining me with black and white.

Kala said...

That beverage looks absolutely delicious!

Inger-M said...

The food looks yummy, and very creative. Hope your wrist is getting better. I'm glad you had a lighter camera too so you still could share! :-)