01 November 2010

Catching up

I'm catching up on going through my photos and thought I'd share a few from a concert.

My friend Kim and I work in buildings about a half a mile apart.  I can literally see her building from mine, down the street.  We both have jobs with only semi-regular hours because most of the time they involve putting out other people's fires or meeting last minute-imposed deadlines.

We live on either end of the same suburb. 

And it will take us half a dozen tries to find a time to meet for dinner.  So when she emailed me one Friday morning and asked if I wanted to see a concert that night, I said "sure!"

 Then I asked "what concert?"

It was Roger Waters doing Pink Floyd's The Wall.  Hmm.  I was never a Pink Floyd kind of gal, but I knew a surprising number of songs at this show.  I suppose it has to do with the sheer amount of time they were played on the radio - over and over.

The stage production was impressive, as it should be because they must have used 15+ semi's to cart it all in.  The stage started with an opening in the middle and the band playing behind it.  They flashed all kinds of multi-media on the sides of the wall.

Occasionally they would bring out large, dramatic, and bizarre animals to go along with the songs.  I suppose if I knew all the words, as many in the crowd did, it would have made much more sense.  By the end of the show the wall had been completely built up, and the band reappears in the front.  They continue to use lights and crowd interaction for dramatic effect.

I'm sure die hard fans appreciated the music in this show, but for me it was all about the stage production.  This is more of an event than a musical concert.  Also, I imagine that if you had a good number of adult beverages or other things, it would be a completely different experience.  I'll have to leave that to others to explain if they have been there.

Most importantly, because we were up in a box, Kim and I got to catch up a little between songs and photos!  She actually brought a camera, I opted for the iphone.  I've been to so many concerts that don't allow cameras, I don't even put it in the car when I go anymore.

I probably don't need to see this twice, but it was a fun night out, and a little culture to boot! 



Katie said...

I've heard good things about Pink Floyd shows, and that they are much more theatrical than most concerts. Glad you were able to get some girl time!

SouthernSass said...

Sounds like a fun night!