25 October 2010

Monday, Monday

After a few days off, I was not particularly looking forward to Monday.  I don't know too many folks that do.  This morning however, was a pleasant surprise.  I went out before sunrise and realized it was warm.  Not just "not cold" that you get in October in the midwest, it was warm and balmy.  The skies were cloudy, as we should have gotten some rain, but instead we just had a lovely day.

I've seen the forecast for tomorrow, so I know we will not be getting a repeat.  But for today and its surprisingly good Monday, I am grateful.



Evelyn said...

Nice to get a break from the weather. Enjoy yr day :)

Katie said...

Ditto! I'm in Kansas and we also enjoyed the warmer weather...today is back to chilly, though.

Inger-M said...

It's so nice to hear that someone are having warm days! We've had a few days with some snow, and temps around 0C/32F. Amazing how fast I forget how "T-shirt-and-sandals-warm" feels when we're in our woolies :-)

Janis said...

We have been getting balmy weather here also. Last nite we had our township treat or trick for the kids and it was 75 degrees, I sat on my front porch to hand out the candy! Loved it! Hope we have a mild winter! I hate the cold!!!!!
BTW nice pumpkin pic!