I have found several blogs that encourage writers to practice their craft and sharpen their skills.  I'm not sure I call myself a writer, but I do like to use the prompts to try and share stories about places I go and people I meet.  And generally, I throw a photo or two in there as well.

The Red Dress Club is one of these blogs and the 2 links ups are:

A specific word prompt, sometimes beginning or ending phrases for your story and a word limit, to get you to think it all through and make it work.

Usually word prompts for you to share a memory.  I like these a lot!

So, as I write short stories along the way, I will add the links here in case you want to catch up.  So far the stories have not been related to each other, but if I begin to connect any of them, I will put them together here so you can follow along.

Red Writing Hood

The Shoes

Stepping into time


The Second Creek