18 October 2010

Pumpkin patch memories

Growing up there was a small farm down the road that grew a little bit of everything, including pumpkins.  Year to year the types, sizes and quantity changed - which you would expect for a small family farm.  The man that lived there had this ridiculously old barn that stood standing, defying gravity for decades beyond when it should have fallen. 

The man and his brother ran the little farm (from what I can remember) and they loved when the children from the area would come and pick out their yearly favorite.  He barely charged any money for the piles of pumpkins we would load into the car.  I'm pretty sure that they didn't actually make any money off their produce sales over the summer and fall.  I think they just grew things year after year because that is the only life they knew and the people of the area loved to come buy their goods, regardless of the yield that year.

When I moved to the area I live now, I looked for a little farm like that for my pumpkins.  I don't have kids, but still wanted to support the idea.  I couldn't find any farms, but I did find that several churches have pumpkin patches on their front lawn about this time each year.  They too, vary in size with the yearly yield and the congregations' ability to staff a table all day long.  I found this "patch" the other day and it made my day.  It has been a very good year and they had a wonderful selection.

While I was there taking pictures, a cute little family came by and the three kids sorted through the masses, looking for exactly the right one.  They used the little Radio Flyer wagon the church provided to wheel their choices to the table and then to their car.  Before leaving, the mother took a few photos.  Now, since I know just how many family albums have tons of photos and no Mom to be seen (because she is always behind the camera), I offered to take some of her as well with their camera. She was thrilled!  It was a very sunny day, as you can tell by my shots, and she was beaming with her little ones.

This year's pumpkins are so beautiful.  I don't know what makes a good year or bad, but this selection of pumpkins were almost perfect - in all sizes.  There does not seem to be a shortage this year (like last), but if you do notice one, my friend Justin swears it's because his wife has stock piled it all in their pantry!



Shirley said...

Cute story! Selecting just the right pumpkins from all of those available must have been an enjoyable task. You are right, most times it's the mom behind the camera!

Wendy said...

That's awesome you took photos of her! What a lovely memory it will end up being for them!

Janis said...

I just love going to the pumpkin patch...picking the right one can take some time! They do seem to be very plentiful this year. You captured the brilliant color so well!

Lui said...

Oh that's one great pumpkin patch! We don't have that in my place because if we did I'd be there all day with my dogs and our house would be full of pumpkins by now!

Evelyn said...

Wow, I love your photos. I don't think I've ever seen so many pumpkins together.

SouthernSass said...

How very sweet of you to take pics for that mom and her family! The pumpkins are great - very colorful and just right!