08 October 2010

Wedding Season

Autumn has become very trendy as a wedding season.  What's not to love?  It's not as hot, not as busy (for weddings), and comes with lovely color for outdoor events.

I was blessed enough to be invited to 2 exceptionally loving weddings in the past month.  I have loads of photos, so I will post a couple different days.

Today's themes are dresses and dancing!

This is StarryNews and her father in her made-to-order red gown.  Her sister helped with the design and the fabric was stunning.  Gold shoes under there too!

An evening shot of G and V in their dresses.  I am still working on manual settings for low light.  This is the only good shot I was able to get without using a tripod (which I didn't have with me).  I was very happy at how it turned out.  So lovely.

Both couples have been taking dancing lessons, so they have wonderful first dances.  Everyone was impressed and I'm pretty sure I have 40 pictures of that alone!  I'll just post a couple.

As you can see, both were outdoor/indoor venues.  Perfect!

One of my favorite parts of G and V's ceremony was the handfast.  What a wonderful historical piece to add to a modern wedding.  It was so touching.

More photos to come - once I share the rest with the newlyweds!



Janis said...

Love Love that red wedding dress...so original! Those are great pics...Weddings can be so much fun!

Evelyn said...

I love weddings :). Mine was an autumn one too.