29 November 2011

Out of the fog

I've noticed my blog entries are on the repetitive side.  There are some reasons for this fog.  The last few months have come with a few expected and a few unexpected challenges.  That's life I suppose and I normally roll much better with the punches, but this late summer and fall seemed to be kicking my derriere. 

On top of all this, I have been working long hours and for a few months, every other Saturday.  Now, I realize there are many folks looking for work or dealing with difficult circumstances, so I'm trying not to complain. My house, on the other hand, would very much like to complain as I have not done such a great job with keeping up with everything!  As a result, my creativity has taken a sabbatical and my get-up-and-go, got up and went without me.

So, as I pretend to ignore the rain (again) and search for a few more opportunities to find some fun and interesting photos for you very patient readers and followers, I will also share some ideas I have for future creative outlets. 

1. Try to get more of my book challenge (reviews) completed.  I may not get all 10, but I can certainly shoot for 2-3 more.

2. Work on a photo project idea for 2012.  I generally don't like to push time forward, but I am ready to let 2011 be part of the history books.  Overall, a taxing year and I'm ready to let go.

3. Seek out some fun Christmas cookie recipes for the neighbors this year.

4. Jump back into photo memes and seek out some new ones.  Feel free to suggest some of your favorites!

5. Begin to write more about the places I go, when I might not have the photos available.  I have so many good memories of my travels and the people I've seen/met that I should be sharing!

Thanks to all of you who have hung in there with me and especially for all the encouraging comments along the way.  I truly appreciate them and they have helped me sail through these choppy waters and find the calm on the other side.  Looking forward to more fun and sharing.


23 November 2011

A week for thanks.

Getting the cranberries ready for the big feast later this week.  Hoping you and yours have a peaceful and happy week.

Taking a little blog break to enjoy it all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

22 November 2011

Purple lights

Last night all over the US, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network held purple light events.

Goals were to raise awareness, support those fighting PanCan and remember those we have lost.

I was with friends and family and many more folks who braved the ugly weather and came out for the cause.

Know it.
Fight it.
End it.

18 November 2011

After the rain

It's rained for a few days here.  A lot of water and gray skies before the day ended liked this.  
You can see the gorgeous light in the clearing sky and reflected in the puddles on the field.

More gorgeous skies from around the world here.


(This is an SOOC from my phone.  I'm starting to think a good 2012 project might be a daily "where I am" using just my camera phone.  Could turn out to be entertaining!)

17 November 2011

Park fences

This white line fence surrounds a local park.  
It makes it seem like a private farm or ranch, but it is open to the public.

Linking with Friday Fences.

15 November 2011

Walking the Sky

This art piece is on the Carnegie Mellon University campus in Pittsburgh.  I saw it when I was visiting the area over the summer.  We passed it several times and I was intrigued by the size and location of it.  It's called "Walking the Sky" by a CMU alum, Jonathan Borofsky.

I was sorry there was construction adjacent to it.  We went around different portions of that side of campus trying to get a better photo of the sculpture without getting the fence line in, but didn't have any luck.  So here is the best I could get just before the skies opened and a storm saturated the area.  This is just another nice piece of Pittsburgh.


14 November 2011

Not everyday

You know how some offices have a central place for receiving mail and then it's distibuted to the individual people? Have you ever seen a FedEx delivery like this one?!

(testing the Blogger phone app with this post, BTW)


12 November 2011


A friend of mine showed me a neat app for the iPhone where you can take panoramic photos. It was free when I downloaded it, but that was a little while ago.  I think it is $1.99 now and I would pay for this app.  It's called DerManDar.

This looks a little distorted because I was up on a slight hill and the road does curve away from me.  When you pan from side to side, it wants to curve it slightly the other direction, messing with the road a little.  BTW, those yellow trees were completely green 1 week ago and then BAM! yellow one morning!

Students rushing the field after the OSU v Wisc game in October.  

More phone photos here.


10 November 2011

Hearts in my corn

I noticed one of the field corn cobs was made up of little heart kernels. 

How much fun is that?!

More wonderful hearts:


07 November 2011

Colors of Autumn

Some fun colors found at the local market.  
They had a wonderful selection of local produce and bakery items.

My nieces hanging out in the really BIG chair!

No, they are not small, this chair is huge.
It was quite the popular photo op destination for all the visitors, with kids and without.

I will definitely be back to stock up at this place.

04 November 2011

Friday fun

A dual entry today.  This was a barely lit foggy morning without the Nikon, so it's a bit grainy.  These horses are art sculptures in front of an apartment neighborhood.  I like how they flow with the "barn" and pretty fence.

Happy Weekend!


03 November 2011

I came across a photo I forgot to post earlier.  
My niece in her new "kitchen", cooking while watching college football.  
We are teaching her well!

Also, that day after watching me take pictures with my phone
she took it from my hand and did it herself.  I'm pretty sure
it took all of 10 seconds for her to figure out how it worked.
We're going to have our hands full with this one!


01 November 2011

If heaven wasn't so far away...

Last night I had a dream. 
I suppose I actually dream every night, but last night was a little different.  
My friend Nancy and I were going somewhere and just before getting in the car, 
my friend Heather showed up and said "hi guys!" 
Sounds pretty average, until you consider Heather died last month.

So I looked from Nancy to Heather and said, "I have to tell ya, I'm a little freaked out by this."  
Heather just laughed her normal laugh and said
"I know, but it's all right.  Really, it's ok."

We all smiled,
and I woke up, peacefully.

Intellectually and academically I understand how the brain works, how my subconscious uses my down time while sleeping to process my daily thoughts.  And I do think of Heather often. But, I also know the will that Heather has and if she thought we needed to hear something, she was going to come back and tell us.  Even God would understand that she needed to take a break from all that help she is giving him, to pop back down here for a minute and let us know everything is ok.

Thanks, Heather!