03 October 2010

Don't stop traveling!

I started this blog to share my travels and the photos I get with my new camera.  I try not to dwell on work or politics or those sorts of things.  However, one of my great loves is traveling in Europe (I think I got the bug as an exchange student when I was 16),  so when US residents were advised caution for traveling in Europe,  I felt a need to comment.

Don't stop traveling!

You could miss this view...


 or these architectural masterpieces...

Westminster Cathedral


You might not get to see local crafts people at work...

Waterford Crystal

Now, I know some folks might be thinking, but it could be dangerous!
Yes, but it can be wonderful if you pay attention, plan ahead, and use your noggin!  I have the dubious luck of being in London just after 7/7 and in Scotland (about 20 miles away) from the terrorist attck in 2007.

What? You don't want to travel with me any more?!

But look at this fabulous vacation destination...


And wouldn't you be sad to miss towns where history and contemporary life, live side by side?

I have a very good grasp of the cautions presented this weekend and the very real threat of attacks in tourist areas highly traveled by US citizens.  I do hope that people think through their plans and do not automatically rule out travel to Europe.  I have friends taking a Mediterranean cruise in a few weeks.  I will wish them well, think of them often, and know that they are extremely well prepared if they need to adjust their circumstances somewhere along the way.

I certainly hope that the media does not do major damage to an already struggling European economy by dramatically slowing down a major source of income, tourism.

*Getting down off the soap box now*  I hope you enjoyed the photos!



Starrynews said...

I missed the travel warning... I'll have to look it up. Just so I know what is going on, of course :)

nanny said...

I so loved your photos....the colors just pop right off the screen! I love Europe so much,,,,wish I could go on a regular basis!

Misty Dawn said...

They are all great, but I really, really like that first image!

EG Wow said...

Great advice! I sure hope most people are not frightened into staying home.

lisaschaos said...

People like you make me want to see other places, like those! I grew up with limited money and a mother who doesn't travel at all. I decided it would be pretty cool to see places in the US. Hubs and I only have 2 states left to visit in the continental US. :)

Inger-M said...

I so agree with you! We can't let crazy people influence how we want to live our lives. I flew to the US 10 days after Sept 11, 2001, thinking it had never been safer to travel. It was a long planned trip, with a group, and all but 5 of us decided not to go. They missed out on such an amazing experience! Visiting the US in those days was fantastic. We traveled through Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona for 3 weeks, and then I spent a week in New York. I am so glad and grateful I got to do that trip, and every other trip I have ever done, I love traveling. - And your pictures are so beautiful!