09 October 2010

More Wedding Season

Now that the families have seen the photos, here are a few more shots of the fun had by all.

We had flower girls dancing!

Beautifully decorated and delicious cakes!

Both couples were actually in each others' wedding.  So I have lovely 
pictures of them in 2 kinds of formal wear.  Good planning! 

One of the weddings had perfect vanilla roses as part of the centerpieces.  I have yet to meet a rose I didn't want a macro photo of!  So here is yet another stunning bloom.
We had some father-daughter dancing.  Ohh...
And the occasional moment when things did not go as planned...here Music Man is trying to coax the ring on his finger!  I swear, every wedding has this moment, I think it's to make us laugh a little.

Photos with friends.

And coziness around the lodge fire.

Each wedding only had a small number of children present and they were
quite good.  However, one of the flower girls was quite ingenious, 
she "sold" her leftover flower petals to the guests and made $10!  Hilarious!!

Hope you enjoyed my memories and photos.


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