06 October 2010

Conflicting Feelings

You know when you see something and for a minute you have several conflicting feelings.  You're not sure if you should like or hate it or you just wonder what the folks who own it were thinking?  That was my response to this Hummer.

I was out at a neighborhood park, taking pictures again, and saw this sitting near my car when I returned.  My initial thought was "oh shiny things!" because that's how I roll.  Then I wondered who blings out a hummer?  I mean, they did a really nice job, if you're into jacked up military all-terrain vehicles.

Then I thought about my friends and family members in the military and wondered if they would fall over laughing if they passed this thing on the street.  Also, the license plate says "AUSUM".

Last year after a particularly bad Monday morning commute, resulting in my insurance company telling me I would be buying a new car, I did look at all kinds of vehicles.  I really hate car buying (I've bought 2 houses between cars, I hate it that much), so I figured I should review all options before buying.  The Hummers do get you where you want to go, in all kinds of weather.  The gas mileage, not so much in your favor, by the way!  In the end I went with smooth and reliable Subaru.

But if I had seen this Hummer....I wonder!



SouthernSass said...

Very interesting-looking vehicle. "Things that make you go mmmmmmm..."

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh my gosh, you've gotta' hate a Monday commute like that one. That could just ruin your week right quick.

You can't help but stop and look at a red hummer! But I think you made the right choice.

Janis said...

I think you made the right choice also...those Hummers are too much of a gas hog!