02 October 2010

Supporting the local economy.

I'm a big believer in retail therapy.  Not necessarily large purchases or anything, just a pick-me-up once in a while.  Sometimes just shopping is enough, I don't even need to buy anything.  When I do buy, I try to support small and/or local businesses if I can.  Not only because it is good for the area, but because deep down, I wish I had the guts (and money) to try that life.

While driving through this cute little town that had antique shops and crafts shops, they also had a cupcake bakery in a converted Victorian house.  I'm sure the owner works extremely hard and long hours, but the smell alone would get me to come to work everyday. 

I picked up red velvet and carrot cake cupcakes to give them a try.  She packaged them very nicely in this gold box, which would make fun gifts in the future (and helped them survive the drive home).

I'm off on another road trip for the rest of the weekend.  I hope you enjoy yours as well!


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SouthernSass said...

Beautiful photographs! Enjoy your travels!