13 August 2010

A trip to my kitchen - Harvest Time!

I am lucky enough to work at a place where all kinds of research is completed. I do not have the attention span for that type of work, but I'm intrigued by what is found by those who do. One type of research is agricultural, meaning there are all kinds of farms.

And happiness is when the harvest starts coming in and they bring us goodies to eat! We received corn a couple weeks ago, and we hope to see more. Remember when the corn was like this? This week they brought us zucchini and we've been discussing recipes ever since. You'll notice the tags on the zucchini, they represent what part of the field it came from. These are also organic, bonus.

The farms also donate large portions of the produce to local food banks, and of course use some to feed the animals over the winter months.

Here is a recipe from my friend Anna. Although my copy is a scanned one, you can see all the love and stuff from the many times it has been used in the past.

Here is the freshness coming out when I trimmed off the ends before shredding. I used a box grater with the big holes to shred. I like to see and taste the little bits in my bread and muffins. Surprisingly, it only took one of the zucchinis to get 2 cups for the recipe.

This means I have 3 more to use over the weekend and freeze for later!!

Here is the end result, well minus the ones we already ate. I cooked them for less time that the recipe suggested because I used muffins tins and a larger bread pan. They are delicious!

I hope you have some fresh eats in your future too.



Denise said...

How wonderful to have a ready supply of fresh produce and thanks for that recipe. I can tell from all that love that it must be a great one and it's on my list now. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed visiting yours very much and look forward to many more.
An English Girl Rambles

MarieElizabeth said...

Everyone at work liked the recipe as well, so we tested it for you! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.