02 August 2010

Crafting fun!

My friend StarryNews is getting married in October. Her family is American Taiwanese, so she wanted her wedding to reflect both cultures. Her dress will be a beautiful red (I'll post pictures after the wedding).

Her colors are gold and red, so we got a little crafty with some treat bags. Along with a traditional cake, there will be a cookie table. To make sure everyone can get an assortment of cookies, one must have a cookie bag!

Enter the Cricut (yes, an electronic die cutting machine - it's fabulous); the Big Shot (a rolled die cutter and dry embosser), the shiny-sparkly embossing powder, and the heating tool.

And we're off!

As you can see, we cut out hearts, used the embossing powder to put on a "love" symbol, punched out the circle, glued it to the heart and then added it to the bag. We had previously run the bag through the Big Shot with a rose folder, so you could see and feel the design.

We were very happy with the outcome. I couldn't get the shiny part of the stamped image to show up, but trust me, it's lovely.

What a fun way to spend an evening indoors...especially during the recent heat wave.

More outdoor photos later in the week.



Starrynews said...

Yay for fun crafting projects that turn out well!!

Starrynews said...

Yay for fun crafting projects!!

MarieElizabeth said...

I agree! More to come I'm sure.