08 August 2010

Sassy Sunday Snapshots

Today I was excited to attend the Mad Hatter Tea Party (bridal shower) for a friend of mine. Everyone pulled out a party hat to celebrate.

We all had fabulous tea (mine was Jasmine and I will be seeking out a tin of that this week at the Asian market). There was also a delicious assortment of finger sandwiches, fruit, and cakes.

The flower girl (and bride's niece) had an assortment of hats throughout the event. Here is one of them. It says Princess, so appropriate.

More family and fantastic hats!

Here are friends having fun and sporting their hats.

BTW, here's what a photo looks like when my settings were for the bride sitting relatively still and not for the friends who were laughing and moving around! Oh well! These were more about capturing the day than winning a photo contest. I like to think you can see the happiness in the blur of movement. :)

Happy Day,


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Hooray, they turned out great!!