04 August 2010

Happiness Wednesday

Today I am happy for many things, but here are the first three that come to mind.

My camera.

This camera has opened my world in ways I could not have predicted. It has motivated me to go places I have never gone, even though they may not be far from my home. It is teaching me to see things I have previously overlooked or walked by. It has given me permission to interact with new people and learn from them, re-connect with old friends to share good times, and look forward to new travel opportunities to share with you.

My friend who just successfully completed the state police exam and is on his way to becoming another spectacular officer I am privileged to know. He has fought hard to succeed in a political arena and taken on this role, even though he understands the demands and challenges it poses on your life. I applaud his effort and enthusiasm. We will all benefit from having him on the street.

My cousin The Crazy Dog Lady (seen here with some of her family) who I do not see often enough, but who reminds me to see the world in a different way whenever possible. We have very little in common, but I am blessed to have her as one of the people in my life that constantly educates me just through living.

For more happiness, click on the Pastor Girl's pondering link above.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had a happy Wednesday too.


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carlotta said...

Thanks for joining in :)
I adore my camera as well...I don't think I could live without it.