21 August 2010

Playing in the Summer Sun

In the spring I have some ducks that nest somewhere in or near my yard.  They sun themselves on my patio and the cat sits in the window wondering what the heck they are doing out there.  As the summer progresses, they rejoin the others by some ponds down the road.  Here are some trying to beat the heat.

Aren't we all?!

These guys were very interested in something under the water.  I watched them for a while, but never did see what was so fascinating. They eventually just paddled further into the lake.

This one was just taking a quiet stroll across the pond.  It was really hot this day, if that water wasn't such a scary green, I might have joined him!

Happy Weekend,

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lisaschaos said...

Looks like great fun! I especially love that first shot! The fountain!