05 August 2010

Wildflowers (that I promised to post last week)

The last couple weeks I've been seeking out water locations to try and understand the camera's manual settings. Along the way I've been lucky to find these beautiful wildflowers. Not a lot of chatter from me today, just pretty photos for you.

Unfortunately I am not up on the names of these plants, but I can appreciate their beauty anyway. They also remind me of the times my brothers and I would play in the woods as children. We had hoards of wildflowers and it was amazing all season long.

I love this one for the sun. I moved around the edge of the field a few times to get the light and shadows the way I liked them. It was later day, with the sun not quite setting. I drive by this field a few times a day, but don't think I appreciated the Queen Anne's Lace so much before seeing it like this.

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