11 August 2010

Summer Ice Cream Tour - Jeni's!

When Jeni first started her business, it was located in an urban market area, catering to unique clients. She uses fresh and local ingredients, adjusting flavors with the seasons.

My brother and his family raved about it and he would make a special trip to get their favorites, even when they lived in another county!

She has expanded her business to other city and suburban locations, but has kept the fresh and local a core value. And we love her for it.

I know if looks like the F is missing on this freezer, but no, it's just quirky that way.

The shops are all of bit different, depending on the space available. They have a list of regular menu items, current seasonal items, and the "small batches". These smaller batches are flavors they are testing out. Some stay, some go - so if you like it, buy extra to take home!

You can see one of the friendly folks working there making waffle cones. I don't know if these folks have titles, you know, like the 'Sandwich artists' at Subway. I just think anyone responsible for something this delicious should have a good title.

One of the best perks of Jeni's is the 1/2 scoop option. You can get 2, 3, or 4 half scoops and try all kinds of flavors in one visit. Of course, they do give out samples too, but really half scoops are so much better.

I had Riesling Poached Pear, which was dreamy, a little sweet, and smooth. My second flavor (which is hiding more at the bottom) Queen City Cayenne, chocolate with a kick!

If you are feeling the need to try out these specialty flavors, Jeni will ship them right to your front door - even in this heat! Go here and start your new addiction.



Anonymous said...

There's something like a Thai chili chocolate, too...really great!

Starrynews said...

That one is mine! In the quirky Rozen Confectioner case. The beautiful purple ice cream sandwich :)

I love the ice cream tour pictures!