25 July 2010


The last few days I've taken a trip down memory lane, both literally and figuratively. Instead of taking photos this week, I've been compiling some that span decades. A friend of mine and one-time boss is retiring. After an impressive career, she has opted to retire and enjoy a new way of life, instead of looking for the second career. We applaud her!!

I asked friends to send me photos that brought back fond memories. I received a variety, which was perfect. Some were old enough that it took a few minutes to figure out the cast of characters in the shot. Others were hilarious reminders of the hair and fashion of the 80's and 90's, and some were a single snapshot that brought on a whole host of laughter.

Many of Sue's friends and former collegues (and some current ones) traveled in from across the country to surprise her (a miraculous feat I tell you) and show her how much impact she has had on them. These folks that were once very young and green graduate students are now Directors, Deans, and VP's in colleges and universities all over America. In essence, they are shaping the future leaders and the less than six degrees of separation comes back to Sue. How lucky we all are to have known and learned from her.

Sue is the kind of boss who is clear, supportive, educational, and ethical. And when I say ethical, I mean it. When Jesus was a teen, he might have asked, What Would Sue Do (WWSD)?

Hooray for Sue and her new adventures! We will miss having her close by, but are looking forward to vacationing in the south and joining in on those adventures when we can.


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