21 July 2010

Taste of Summer continues - Graeters

Graeters Ice Cream started in Cincinnati, Ohio and luckily for us all has grown and spread into the mid-west. They still use the "french pot process" which means they make it 2 gallons at a time, not a monster batch. It is a heavier or thicker ice cream, which makes it very creamy and dreamy!

The inside of most of their stores still have the traditional ice cream shop look, with plenty of seating and air conditioning - heaven!

Some also have some fantastic outdoor hard scape spaces with patios or decks and in this location a nice pond. Pretend you don't see the road in the background. Except for rush hour, it really isn't that busy and the store sits far enough back that you don't hear the flow of traffic. Sometimes there are duck families here too.

One super fabulous bonus is that this company will either pack or ship you their ridiculously good treats.

I know what you're thinking, that would be messy. But No! They pack the containers in dry ice and they last solid for 24 hours. Graeters was once on Oprah's favorite things list.

More importantly, my good friend Anissa (aka, Who-knew-I'd-be-mother-of-two-boys) thinks this is one of the best things on earth. Just to show you how much she likes Graeters, when both of her children were born, I shipped her ice cream. No, nothing cute or relaxing or other typical congratulations gift, Graeters won!

After all of that talk of ice cream, what did I get? Watermelon sorbet.

I couldn't resist. It was cool and refreshing and the perfect thing to counteract the day the weatherman called "not quite as warm" and it was 89 degrees. They have all sorts of treats, I'd recommend stopping by.

BTW, I used my ever trusty 7 year-old Sony digital camera for these shots. While I normally toss the Nikon in my purse or bag, today I had way too many errands to carry it all over creation. The Sony has traveled through many a country with me, so as a backup, it still gets put to work on occasion.


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carlotta said...

Oh my gosh. That sorbet looks absolutely to die for! I really want a taste ;)