19 July 2010

Look at that Baby Face!

At least a dozen of my co-workers have had babies in the last 18 months and there are 3 more on the way (that we know of). This cutie, Baby A is going to start doing some kind of modeling, we hope. So, at the last minute her Mama wanted some new snaps.

I've never done any portraits before, in fact, not that many people pictures at all. And since it still felt close to the surface of the sun outside, we had to improvise with indoor space and lighting.

She was fantastic to work with and happy to boot! I'll admit being at her home with the dog nearby to entertain her probably went a long way to getting the smiley shots and having her be relaxed enough to move around comfortably.

We did have one serious moment. I think she was laughing and bumped her head slightly on the TV stand behind her. Yup, that's what's under the makeshift "backdrop". Hey, I told you we had to improvise!

While I realize these are miles from professional, I was extremely happy with a first try, limited lighting, space and experience.

Also, after I returned home and was reviewing everything, I noticed I had forgotten to adjust one of the settings from my outdoor landscape photo shooting the day before. This accounts for the "soft" focus in most of the photos. Although, I like to see it as a nice attempt at a filter for that cute baby look.

Ok, so it's a stretch. At least I learned to check all the settings next time.

This was me playing with the photos and coloring. I do not have Photoshop yet, but am trying to learn what type of edits are available.


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Tes said...

The baby is so cute... I think you did a wonderful job with these photos. I enjoy reading this post... it gives good tips on photograph the baby :)
Thanks for sharing,