13 July 2010

Summer ice cream tour - Whit's Frozen Custard

My friend Sue and I visited Whit's Frozen Custard in this little town. I have learned there are now more locations, one quite near my house, which makes me very happy.

They have vanilla and chocolate everyday, and then a special flavor that changes. This day the special flavor was Buckeye (peanut butter and chocolate chip). It was fabulous. Sue also mentioned it's a favorite of the company, as they have it often.

Well, kudos to them for understanding good business and providing what the people like!

This is the cute sign on the threshold going into the little shop.

And I mean little shop! There is room to order at the counter, room for a freezer which stocks pints and quarts of ice cream, and then 2 itty bitty seating areas up against the picture windows looking out into the town. On this day they were taken by families with kids loving their treat.

Don't you love the look on the clerk's face, the "are really taking a picture of us?" Yep.

Ok, now here is where you expected to find the photo of the Buckeye ice cream treat we bought, right? Yep, it should go right here. However, we were so into eating our treat, I forgot to take a picture for you. Ooops, sorry, it won't happen again.

In fact, to make things better, I'll take another trip to Whit's and get more ice cream...you know, to make it up to you.

Happy Eats!

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Window On The Prairie said...

More ice cream just to get a pic for us. Oh, the sacrifices you make!

PS: Thanks for visiting my blog today.