01 July 2010

Grandpa's Village

I have family that live a few hours north of my place. Over the years I have traveled the same stretch of highways hundreds of times, without stopping off to visit the sites. I tend to zone out and just drive, singing along to my favorite tunes and trying to plan whatever I need to do the next week.

But this last time, I didn't really have a timetable, so I decided to stop about midway and check out Grandpa's Cheese Village. It used to just be Grandpa's cheese barn, but it is so much more than that now.

For those of you wondering why I had to take a picture of the sign on an angle, there was a monster SUV parked right in front of it, killing the tourist moment for me. Later, a couple kids squeezed between the sign and the truck so their grandma could get a shot too.

Shouldn't there be a law about blocking the obvious photo op? Hmm, ok back to the village.

One building is still the barn, 2 stories full of goodness. A cafe, ice cream shop, gift shop, and the whole second floor is food!

Some cheese.

Some snacks.

Jams and Jellies!

Outside the barn, there is a small structure displaying some handmade beautiful Amish baskets (good prices too).

Here's how he got to work today.

Well, I imagine there was a horse involved too.

And here is the modern version. For the true cheese lover who wants to drive around the country in the cheese truck!

Next time, the sweet side of the village.

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