03 July 2010

Grandpa's Sweet Shop

Another portion of Grandpa's Village is this incredible sweet shop. Being a candy fan, I have been to many a sweet shop. This one wins, hands down.

It has this cute little country motif. Rows and rows and rows of all kinds of candy.

Clearly I could not leave without getting a few samples...you know, to support the local economy and all that.

And fabulous assorted flavors of fudge.

Oh, I forgot to mention this one last time. In the barn, they had a whole section of fruit pie fillings. YUM! I made this one. I would show you pictures of it, but I messed up the crust and while delicious, it wasn't photo worthy. I'll be sure to do much better the next time!

This weekend I am off to try and capture more photographs. I have been just getting snapshots of late, because I didn't want to miss the moments (and sometimes not intrude on people in the area). Hopefully the holiday will provide me with some opportunities for great photos.

Happy 4th of July!

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