16 July 2010

German Village (part 1)

Just south of the glass and silver of the cityscape, you find this charming little section called German Village. The area was settled in the mid 1800's and is now on the National Register of Historic Places. The village is actually a couple different areas, some with larger houses like these and some with smaller quaint ones, which I'll post tomorrow.

The larger ones line the streets surrounding a beautiful park. It has nice green spaces, ponds, a rec center, and a beautiful garden maintained by the community. I love the garden at this house. Some people would think it was professionally maintained, but knowing the area, I bet the home owners are out there regularly with their clippers.

These homes are most often made of brick and stone. There are a variety of styles, mirroring the period when they were built. This one is for sale, if you're feeling the urge to move. The view out of the front windows is the lovely pond area of the park.

This one is actually a little more modern than most, but still manages to fit into the village well.

And yes, these are single family homes. I love these two. I think I could be happy in either, but I would probably need some help keeping them clean!


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