10 July 2010

Photography assignments

I have been trying to learn more about photography through the many websites out there. I read a ton of blogs, because besides being real people, they generally give you some nice pointers along with their great photos.

Cabin Fever in Vermont is one the nice folks who does an assignment or contest. You can upload your photos to Flickr, join assorted groups, and share your photos. Cabin Fever in Vermont had an assignment this month for black and white. I submitted the one above, which is the London Eye, in England.

I was very exited to see she selected my photo as one of several shared on her site so far this month. There are some lovely ones there (hint: you should go look).

I was having a little camera withdrawal already this week, because I was a bit too busy to get out much. I am motivated and hoping the beautiful weekend weather will provide some new snaps!


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