01 September 2010

Not quite the end of summer

It is still hot as blazes where I live, even for the beginning of September.  I hate to watch summer end, so here are a few more lovely summer garden photos.

This garden is in a city park and is meticulously maintained by the folks that live in the area.  It is an oasis of life among brick and mortar.

In the last shot, you can see the man practicing Tai Chi and his dog just hanging out nearby.

This is what summer is about.

It has been a good summer and I will miss it.

Of course, the temps constantly in the 90's and a car with an all black interior, not so much!

Tomorrow, one of my favorite things.

1 comment:

justinegordon said...

wow, so hot still! i love all your pictures of the end of summer and enjoy the football season!