14 September 2010

End of summer - part 2

I had a few road trips last week.  One of them was for work, but it took me by a popular summer venue (okay, it was a little off the path, but I was already out in God's country so I decided to take a side trip).

I was dressed for work related events (meetings, interviews, etc) so I had to improvise on getting some photos.  As much as I would have liked to change and hit the beach, it wasn't in the cards - or schedule.

It was also ridiculously windy at the lake.  It may be hard to tell, but look closely and you can see the white peaks in the water.  I had to use my tripod just to get from the car to the beach.  After setting up there, I still had to hold onto the tripod to keep everything in place.

Here is one of the 2 families trying to stretch the summer out just a little longer.  It was still 90 degrees and sunny, so they had the right idea and no crowded beach!

Keeping in the theme of celebrating summer to the end, I stopped by a river where there are all kinds of boating.  Here is a family enjoying the open waterway.  They were cute as they waved for the camera while speeding by.

And as the sun started to set, I couldn't resist one more shot of the peaceful fishermen.  I don't think they caught anything, but the serenity was enough for me.

I hope you enjoyed my detours as I try to ease into autumn.


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