27 September 2010

Waiting for Baby

There is a baby epidemic at my workplace.  Lots of babies being born everywhere!  
We are not-so-patiently awaiting this little boy.

Here is my buddy NickyNat at one of her baby showers.  Pretend you don't see the flash shadow behind her head.  The comfy chair in the room was next to a window on a really sunny day.  I tried a variety of settings, but finally had to give in to the flash.  We didn't want to miss any fun, right?

A friend of hers made this cozy monkey blanket (big enough for Mama and baby).  It matches the jungle theme in the really cute nursery they already have finished.  Seriously adorable with 2-color walls, a border around the middle and matching bedding/furniture.  This baby boy is set!

Daddy A is finishing nursing school, so a buddy sent this shirt along.  
Nothing like prepping them early for a career!

And one of my favorite outfits of the day:


I'm sure all the new parents out there can relate. 


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lisaschaos said...

Looks like they are ready. :) Love the blanket and the Don't Panic and the little nursing shirt, looks like a real stethoscope on it, lol.