24 September 2010

Flashback Friday

I am not a morning person.  Well, let me amend that, I do not like morning at the beginning of the day.  I worked nights for many years and was one of those odd ducks that loved living on that side of the day.  My favorite time was about 5:30 am, when the world was just starting to wake up and everything was serene.

Once in a great while I am rewarded for morning being at the beginning of the day.  On this day my friends and I were meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We were walking across the bridge connecting Old Town and New Town and the city just seemed to disappear into the fog.  It was magical.

When I saw the original photo, it seemed to be in a much earlier decade, so I added the sepia effect and it sealed the deal for me.  (Just pretend those cars are much older models).  I especially liked the 2 men out for a stroll.  It makes me wonder what their stories are...



Ashley Sisk said...

This photo is incredible...seriously. I think going sepia was the right direction. I just scrolled through your blog and love it. We seem to have similar interests so I'm happy to follow. I hope you have a great weekend and I hope you'll come over and visit again soon!

MarieElizabeth said...

Thanks! This is one of few hanging in my living room to remind me of all my great travels. Thanks for stopping by.