09 September 2010

End of Summer - Greek Festival

One of my favorite end of summer events is a Greek festival.  I'm sad that it marks the end of summer, but always enjoy the food, fun, music and dancing, crowd, and food.

Oh did I say that already?

Here is an outside shot of the church.  I have some inside photos, later in the week.

There is always a good crowd, but Friday and Saturday nights are packed to the gills.  I mean, more people than your trendiest club in any major city.  This year I couldn't get down there until Monday afternoon.  The crowd was lighter, but still having a great time.

They have assorted live music around the venue.  Here is a family band that has played the festival for decades.

They have a "dancing" area.  Other days of the year it's a parking lot, but we're pretending here.

There are always willing souls ready to jump out and show their skills.

And what kind of festival would it be without shopping and food?

There is food everywhere.

Outside they have meat vendors, baklava ice cream sundaes, well placed bar tents, and sandwiches.  Inside they have traditional Greek foods and pastries, with lines that can be 100 people deep at any given time. You can eat in or take out.  In rainy years past, I have driven down just to pick up a bag of food for a few days. 

To support the church of course...

A must-have stop:

Can I have an Amen?

More to come.

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