12 September 2010

End of Summer - More Greek fest!

The Greek fest had several different groups of dancers that are trained and very talented.  Here are some photos of their assorted dances. 

The folks at the festival really love to watch these dancers, so we crowd around and try to take pictures over each others heads!

I also took several videos.  It was fun to catch the dance and a bit of the music.

This is a video SOOC from my Nikon.  It's the first time I've tried adding video to my blog and I do not have software to adjust the size quite yet.  So, I hope it doesn't take too long to load for you.

Happy Sunday!


Evelyn said...

The video works well - didn't take much time at all. I enjoyed it.

Aurora730 said...

I love Greek Festivals! The pictures make me feel like I'm there. The smell of lamb is in the air and and you can almost taste the Baklava. The video works well too.