06 September 2010

Adventures in Eating

I've been road tripping a bit this week, with one more to go tomorrow.  After that I will download the hundreds of photos and some video and start posting throughout the week.

In the meantime...

My friend Joanna and I have developed a new positive habit - sushi!  There is a restaurant near where we work that is a hidden gem.  Now that we have found it, we bring along others to share.  We are going through the entire menu, a few items at a time.  We have been amazed every time.  The servers there know us now and are even getting used to me pulling out the camera. 

 After the first couple trips we realized we needed to keep track of our favorites - and because they are pretty to look at as well as eat, so now we photograph, then eat.

One lunch, the men thought we were a bit strange for taking pictures.  Clearly they do not understand the rules of true foodies.  You must share good recipes, restaurants, and photos of lovely food!

This last one is a favorite.  It has tempura shrimp, mango, and cream cheese.  Seriously, what's not to love?!  BTW, I realize it's slightly out of focus, but the lighting in the restaurant is very low, so I couldn't tell until I downloaded the set of photos.  I will try harder on future visits.

I hope you enjoyed our trip - I will continue to document the fabulous food, good work should be shared!

More end of summer events later in the week.


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Anonymous said...

Yamazato's awaits you when you visit again..yummy!