17 June 2010

Who knew you could quilt that?

The Quilted Surface IV is currently on display at the art museum at a Ohio Wesleyan University. Upon walking into the quiet building, I was surprised to find such unique quilts. These are not your heirloom squares and stitches, these are amazing art which happen to include quilting techniques. The one above, made by Ms. Tipple, used the stitching to compliment the coloring and provide the appearance of texture in the fabric. In reality, the textures were entirely different, provided by the products and paint used in the construction. Oh, and the flowers on the hat jumped off the page. (If you click on the photo it should zoom in and you can see the texture).

It was amazing.

This one is made from industrial type materials, and had a spectacular sheen to it, that followed you as you toured the room. I hope you can see some of it in the photos.

I would absolutely hang this in my home or office (you know, if I had one of those offices with a lovely lobby, coffee bar, and receptionist...but I dream.) The exactness of the detail on this was impressive.

This one was just beautiful to look at. The fabric and texture was perfect, the composition and colors were grand, and the title Disordered Spring (by Katherine Allen of Fl) seemed to be a good fit.

Take those in for a while, more tomorrow or the weekend!


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