19 June 2010

Postmodern Quilting

A part of me has to believe this was done with machines. How could the circles be so perfect otherwise?

I was fascinated by this one, stood there staring for a while.

This 3D model was especially unique. It made me think of outer space.

This one came closest to what I think of when I think quilt. But even this one has multiple layers of color, meaning, and texture. There is a pattern, but it's twisted in it's ear a bit.

Loved the organic feel, use of color and flow of texture.


And then there was this one.

It was composed of intricate quilted strips, piled seemingly effortlessly, and divided.

Very intriguing.

And a good example of what happens when the photographer (me) is focused on the art and not all the stuff in the background. This could have been a really good shot, from the other side! But I was so engrossed in the idea of this quilt art, that I failed to notice sun from the door coming in, the other things on the walls, and the lack of composition of the shot.

Oh well, maybe next time!

I hope you enjoyed the field trip!


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