24 June 2010

My brother-in-law would not be impressed.

My BIL and his family own a landscape/hardscape design company. They complete large corporate projects as well as create fantastic yards/drives/patios for larger private homes. He has degrees in it and mad skills.

I do not.

So I have decided I now have an English Garden.

That helps me to explain why I have an assortment of flower types, colors, and locations, but no design plan.

I started last year when my mother and I ripped out these hideous bushes along my front walk that really had no business being planted there. They were put in by the original builders, so you can imagine the lack of interest there.

Once we took care of the bushes, I planted smaller Boxwoods and then seeds. The orange yellow and white daisies grew from those seeds. And when I say planted, what I mean is dug a long trough, filled it with MiracleGro potting soil, randomly sprinkled in seeds, and waited to see what popped. BTW, after the second year of daisies, you really need to start dividing them or you will lose your house in the garden.

As you may have noticed, my colors do not really match. In fact, they don't really even go, as they say in fashion. Here was the plan. The daisies went in first, along with a peach lily (which has not yet bloomed this year). In the back of the house, by the patio desperately seeking plants, I put in hostas and mint. The intent was to then add the petunias (purple) around these. Except, I didn't have nearly that much ground space.


So now I have 2 shades of purple along with all the other colors in the front. So there ya go, my English garden!

One last note, this is the mint. I have killed mint before. I do not know how or why, because otherwise I have a pretty good track record with greenery. In fact, inside the house I have a plant a friend of mine bought me in 1995. Yet, here is my sad, starting to yellow mint. Maybe I'm not suppose to let it flower? But the little flowers are so fun.

I'll have to Google that.

Thanks for reading, maybe next year my BIL will give me some pointers.


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