22 June 2010

Celebrating Summer One ice cream treat at a time!

Because it's summer, and because I LOVE dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt, butter and of course ICE CREAM), I'm going on a tour of Summer Ice Cream Hangouts.

Perhaps to be followed with a fall borrowing my co-workers P90X, but I digress...

Almost every town has a favorite. You know, that place where all the families run into each other, the little league teams go to celebrate a win or get over a loss. That comfort spot that means summer is coming, even though the first day they are open it might still be 50 degrees outside.

We'll get to mine over the weekend.

In the meantime, I started at Rita's.

They have assorted flavors of custard and frozen ice...and you can combine them in one cup!

Unfortunately, the one closest to my house does not have picnic tables. I cannot understand this. I mean, I know you eat it fast, because no matter what you order it's already melting when they hand it to you, but more than a bench or two would be just grand.

So I had to improvise on where to put the Gelati to get a shot. This particular combo is dark cherry ice with vanilla custard.

SOOO Yummy.

And melty, so I had to set it down, get a shot, put the camera in the car and then start eating. Of course, I still ended up wearing a bit. But it's summer so that's ok (and I always carry a Tide Pen - good investment.)

Several friends have made suggestions and are willing to come along for the tour. That's the kind of good friends I have, always willing to be team players!



Anonymous said...

You will always have team players when it comes to frozen treats!! :)

Anonymous said...

Would you believe we, too, have a Rita's near our house...maybe 5 min. Next time you're here, we'll head over there. And they, too, do not have a place to sit down..sorry! Aunt Rita