14 June 2010

A (virtual) trip to South Africa

To celebrate the World Cup in South Africa, (sorry, no great football photos) we will visit with our Giraffe friends! Here they are, walking down the side of the road, looking for some new friends.

This guy wanted to see us up close and personal, except there was a double fence, so this is as close as we could get.

Here is the beautiful family just strolling by. One stopped to snack on the bushes and then re-joined the group. After walking by us, they went to play with the horses in the next field.

In the distance you can see Sue and Nancy headed down to the lake with the hoards of fish. I have some closer shots of them (yes, I do take pictures of people too), but since I didn't mention I was adding them here, we'll go for the distance shot.

Here is the lake with the observation deck where you can feed the fish and start a frenzy!

The walk back to the trail and bus is uphill, but the ladies did it in fine fashion. Hope you enjoyed our too-tall friends!


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