09 June 2010

Delicious recipe failure.

While wandering through one of the farmer's markets, I came upon the lovely rhubarb table. We weren't a rhubarb family growing up. It wasn't that we were against it, just that our gardens had so many other things, we didn't grow rhubarb. We had a patch of strawberries by the patio (yum), grapes in the back yard, and a veggie garden along the sunny side of the house.

So when I saw these I felt inspired to attempt to replicate a delicious strawberry rhubarb crisp a friend of mine had brought to work. I printed out the recipe, came home, started pulling everything out of the fridge to prep, and realized I lacked a major ingredient, strawberries.


Ok, plan B, rhubarb crisp.

I found another recipe and adjusted a few things.

Apparently my ratio of oats, sugar, butter, spices, etc. to rhubarb was a bit off. So about half way through the cooking time, when it became evident it wasn't going to be a crisp, I stirred it all up.

And got this.

It is a fantastic oatmeal! It has rhubarb, nuts, spices, sugar, and butter. What is not to love?!

It wasn't a complete loss, but I will attempt the original recipe again, when I remember to buy the strawberries and rhubarb at the same time.

Happy Baking!


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