04 June 2010

To market, To market I go.

I've started a farmer's market tour. They seem to be popping up in many towns and neighborhoods and I am all for fresh food and supporting local business. This one was small so early in the season, but it had a nice selection of plants, strawberries, and ...

The fried cheese lady!!

It is also held on a Wednesday afternoon, breaking from the Saturday way-to-early-for-me time of day. That is a nice change of pace.

This one was larger, on Saturday morning, and had all the traditional folks you would expect. The samples were delicious! Lots of vendors for flowers, fruits, meats, cheese, herbs/spices, candy, and baked goods.

This family uses this beautifully maintained truck for their display. It was quite a family affair and they fit right in the small town setting of this market.

I am a sucker for baked goods. I make plenty of my own, but that never stops me from wanting to try whatever someone else has spent some time and love preparing. My friends and I thought the set up for this little booth was adorable, and timely as it was the Saturday before Memorial day.

I will continue with more photos and markets as the summer progresses. I still need to get back to the Man with the Sage Pork. Seriously, it's heaven.


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