30 September 2011


Late in the summer, Laura from Life with Laura passed on this lovely blog award!  Thanks so much!

You should stop by her blog.  She talks about family fun and documents her travels with wonderful photos.  In fact, if you're looking for ideas for a European vacation, go through her daily updates from her summer trip.  Really neat places I had not seen before and some that will definitely be on my future list. 

Now I'm suppose to share some things about myself.  I had planned on sharing a photo project from my summer class, but the end of summer went wonky and I didn't get a chance to shoot the photos I had in my head.  So I'll try to think of a few things anyway.

- At work I have not less than 7 different screens open and running at the same time on my work computer.  Luckily I have a couple really big monitors to keep up with me.  It helps me get things done, because with my short attention span I can float back and forth between items.  Occasionally,  I do forget what I was working on and find in later in the day!

- For a short time I have been babysitting a friend's cat at my house.  My cat is very used to having the house to herself (she let's me stay too) and let me know how she feels about this visitor.  The visitor just wants to play!  So, I've had to rotate their free time roaming the house, kind of like balancing a bad divorce.

- I spent 5 years as a residence hall director at a large Midwestern school.  After that,  I learned enough to work in almost any department at a college or university.  Also, a core group of us have remained friends 15 years later and being spread all over the country.  The stories we could tell would keep you from sending your children away to school. (So we don't, ha!)  But seriously, it was some of the hardest and best work years of my life.

- I believe chocolate and/or shopping can make any day better.

- I am taking a short road trip to my littlest niece's second birthday party; apparently we are going to the gym.  I'll be sure to take photos of the little one's jumping all around.

- I was in band all four years of high school, playing flute in the marching and concert bands.  I competed in solo and groups events.  My instructor hated my "hand position", but it worked, so I never did correct it.

- Last night the "Girl's Night Out" group went to a local favorite German restaurant.  It's been featured on the travel and food channels.  We had jumbo cream puffs!

photo credit: Schmidt's
I hope you have a great weekend - More fun coming when I get back!



Laura said...

Thanks for your sweet comments about my blog! I'm glad you posted your award :).

I played flute in high school, too, although no marching band. And awesome that you were a hall director! I was an RA, but never really considered ever making the leap to hall director. That's one big job. I bet you do have the best stories, though.

I like your facts :).

Kala said...

Nice to know a little about you.

And I agree about the chocolate!