06 September 2011

Horsing around

Yes, I know I promised these photos days ago.  My real life schedule has been hijacked and I'm pretty sure I'm not getting it back for a couple months!  I'll still try to post often, but understand if there is a pause or two along the way.  Thanks!

While in NY, a couple of the cousins hopped right up on one of the horses.  Both horses are extremely well trained, but one is older and a little bit better for the smaller kids.  I included a few pictures of the other horse, because she really wanted to play with us too.

This is Sierra, she was watching the other horse get saddled, wondering when it would be her turn.  I thought it was hilarious to see her hanging out there.  I could almost hear her thinking.

M has had lessons and loves riding.  She is still new at it, but here she is trotting toward me.  I have never taking a photo with a large animal coming right at me!  I was not too concerned because 1) the horse is really good and 2) the barn was right behind me and I figured she'd at least stop for that!

The younger one, holding on for dear life the first trip around the yard.  She couldn't reach the stirrups on this saddle, but by the second time she was really loving it anyway.  If we were going to have her ride a lot, we would have put on a smaller saddle.

Now, here was something I learned that day.  Although I took most of the photos outside and in a similar place in the yard, I had to continuously make adjustments for exposure.  First of all, it was early afternoon with really high sun and a terrible time for photos.  However, you take the shots when the opportunity presents itself!  Second, the horses are different colors, varying enough in shade that when I went back and forth between them I had to adjust the exposure.  Otherwise, this one (above) would turn out completely blown out or the other would be too dark to see the facial features.  Just a fun fact for you to consider.

A couple more portrait type shots for the family living room. :)  Actually, I used some of these photos as part of my final photography class project.  I had planned on completing something else, but life interrupted that week too, so I switched ideas.  Also, it was great practice for me to work with children and animals.  It made me start looking at prime lenses for future portraits.  I'm not sure it's going to become a main focus, but I would like to take more of friends and family.

One more of Sierra running down the fence line.  Kate (the darker horse) was just outside the fence and they were playing together, sort of.

Before you think I'm brave (or stupid) for standing in the sight line of a running horse, I was actually on the other side of the fence.  Only the Nikon was brave as I stuck it over the fence :)



TexWisGirl said...

these are sweet. the 1st and last shots of the chestnut are my favorites. :)

justine said...

what lovely shots, I am always jealous of people who can ride, I am too scared! these horses look so nice and gentle.

mountain mama said...

lovely, can't beat a day with horses!

Laura said...

I love these pictures (it helps that I love horses!).

Anita Johnson said...

I have wanted a horse for 53 years! (-: I even enjoy just looking at them. These photos are beautiful!

Kathy S said...

Great photos!

Denise said...

Those are the most beautiful horses and the kids looked very comfortable around them. No fear!