13 September 2011

Of course it was pink

One of my nieces had a birthday party at the local roller rink. Do you remember those days?  They had pizza and pink lemonade along with the cake my Sister-in-law ordered.  Of course it had pink frosting too.

The party go-ers all seemed to have a great time and loved the cake.
Here's my question, how on earth do you get THAT bright a color in frosting?!
I'm pretty sure it was even brighter in person. 

So there's your fun and happy color for the day!



mountain mama said...

i had a party of the skating rink once..i remember the little glow sticks and blisters on my heels! :)

i think they can do anyting with food coloring {ick!}


Inger-M said...

Cute cake, but the color makes me think it may contain some icky chemicals? It's a happy color, though!

Laura said...

Um, awesome. I'd love a cake that color.

Evelyn said...

Cute, and what a great idea to have a party in a roller rink.