29 November 2010

A lovely addition

Jen over at Cabin Fever in Vermont had a contest to win one of her fantastic firefighter photos.  I won!  Here is it, arriving in a perfect gift box, tissue and a bow.  So nice! 

It will be a nice addition to my office and motivate me to try and get something of this caliber from my camera.

She also has a photography blog and monthly photo challenges.  
Do stop by for a visit when you have a minute.  :)



SouthernSass said...

Congrats! I won a nice canvas tote and love it.

Janis said...

Congratulations...that is an awesome photo.

Amanda said...

What an amazing photo! Congrats!!!

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Oh Wow! That looks awesome and thank you for this post :)

I need to order my own copy of this print for our new home. I did just find a ton of frames I've never used!

Katie said...

That is awesome!!! Congrats on winning it!

Inger-M said...

Congratulations! Winning is always exciting, and especially when the price is as wonderful as that photo :-)