23 November 2010

Thankful for education

I have spent a good deal of my life in school.  I know most people feel that way, but I'm pretty sure I've spent more than half of mine in the classroom.  I am very lucky to have come from a family that encourages education of all kinds.

In fact, my friends at work joke that my family seems to be addicted to going to school.

In reality, I think I see it as an opportunity so many people do not get, that I would feel guilty for not using the chances I have.  Besides classroom learning, I have been able to travel abroad academically.  This has shown me new cultures and communities so unlike my own.

I have also learned through working.  I have not followed a direct career path.  In fact, I have changed jobs by choice or necessity at odd times.  I observed how a job was being done and instead of merely criticizing the work,  wondered if I would be able to make positive changes in that role.  So, I went back to the classroom and learned a new set of skills, spent some time in the gym learning to run (a necessary skill) and taught myself that I really could do anything I wanted. 

In the first photo you may have noticed the books aren't quite so scholarly.  And yet, they are some of my favorite "life" books.  They remind me to stop and enjoy what's going on right now, don't take myself so seriously and don't forget to laugh!  I think the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch is so inspiring.  If you don't have time to read the short book (mostly made for his children), you can go HERE to see links to his lecture and such.

I am thankful for having the opportunities to learn in so many ways and I hope I never give that up.  I like the quote (by whom I don't know) that says 'God brings people in and out of your life so you may learn from them or they from you.' 

What a great concept.



SouthernSass said...

You are very inspiring!

Amanda said...

Education is something that cannot be taken away from you! I too feel like and have been in school forever. It is truly something to be very thankful for!