31 July 2011

Up and Down SOOC Sunday

 These are a few straight out of the camera shots working on perspective.  This is pretty much an ordinary shot, taken from a standing position, headed south toward the building.  I do like that if you look closely, you can see one of my classmates on the corner of the library walls taking shots down the wall.

Walking inside, you come to the center of the building and you can look up into the stacks of books for about the first 6 floors of the library.  The reflection in this shot is from the atrium in the middle.  There is glass on all four sides of the inside here, really impressive in person.

Here we are looking down the rows of books and down the hall in the reading room.  The reading room has old fashioned table lights and beautiful solid wood tables.  The floors are marble and the ceiling has a sculptured arced ceiling with large rosettes.

From the 11th floor, you can see all around the campus and into the city downtown.  This is the honors and scholars house, tucked in amongst the trees.  The stairs on the back side (which is the side we see here) are part of an outdoor stage.  It was once the President's residence, before the president moved off campus.  It's a lovely building inside as well.

Then, after all my time in the library, I caught one more lovely sight, up in the hundred year old tree.

Off to take some more photos for my assignment.  It isn't that long of an assignment, just very specific and a bit task-y so I wasn't able to take them all at once.  For more SOOC photos, visit Murrieta 365.



Janis said...

All great shots...very impressive Library indeed

TexWisGirl said...

the exterior of the library is beautiful, but the interior with the glass is really impressive!

Jan said...

Great shots. Love the library, what a wonderful seat of knowledge. The last photo is fabulous.

Amanda said...

Great images...and the sun flare is amazing!!!

justine said...

great shots, especially that second one.

Cedar said...

What a beautiful campus! Sounds like a great class!

Evelyn said...

Hi MarieElizabeth
Wow, I love the green photo, so lush. Very nice, Evelyn