16 July 2011

Some time with Monet

Most of the time I spent with friends in Pittsburgh was on the University of Pittsburgh Campus.  Also nearby is Carnegie Mellon University.  The area is home to the Carnegie Natural History Museum and Museum of Art.  By the time I reached this section, I had been over a good part of the campus and it was 90+ degrees outside.  To say the inside quiet, calm and air conditioning was a relief is putting it mildly!

These are a set of stairs on one side of a courtyard that is walled in glass.  You can see the courtyard in the reflection of the stairs.  I liked the bright colors and smooth design of the stairs.  When you go up them, they lead to the galleries.

Monet - Waterloo Bridge
I was extremely impressed with the collections in this museum, but having 2 of Monet's most well know paintings was the icing on the cake.  The Waterloo Bridge painting was slightly smaller than I thought, but the frame around it was magnificent.  It made me want to be in London in the early 1900's.

Monet - Water Lilies
Nothing could have prepared me for seeing one of the Water Lilies in person, oh my.  The line and post along the bottom of the photo is the ropeline to keep you a little distance from the painting.  I point that out to give you a perspective of the size of this painting, or actually, a series of panels all put together.  It was amazing.  I sat down on the sofa in the middle of the gallery and just took it all in.  Since it was a summer Wednesday afternoon, there ware almost no one in the gallery with me.  I felt no guilt about hanging out there, just resting after a busy afternoon.  I don't think photos really do this painting justice, but I wanted to share mine with you anyway.

More Pitt photos to come, especially from the rest of the museum.


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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Nothing like an air conditioned museum on a hot day.

Courtney said...

I had no idea that last painting was that huge. Wow. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for linking up this weekend!

Captured by JennaLynn said...

Great shots!

Evelyn said...

I would love to see it :)

Ola said...

Even if they don't have anything else, the Monet's work would be a suffiecient purpose to see the museum:) I like the staircase too

Laura said...

I just saw Monet's Water Lilies in Paris! Amazing. Pictures to come when I get to my Paris posts :).