23 July 2011

Book(s) Review - The Book Seer Pick

Reading Challenge #6, The Book Seer Pick.  I am a Nora Roberts fan, especially when there is a series.  So the "Seer" suggested several options.  I read all three books in the Key Trilogy. 

The Key of Light begins the series.  You meet 3 women on different paths in life, that converge one night at the beautiful house on the hill.  They are given an opportunity to pursue a quest.  With success comes great spoils, but with failure comes great price.

The women, and the reader, must make a leap of faith into the magic of Gods and of friendship like they have never known.  Each woman must seek out a key to free the souls of the other world's King's daughters trapped by evil magic.  Only their understanding of their role in life, love and happiness will lead them to the key.

The three women are an artist (book 1), a librarian (book 2), and a single mother (book 3).  They each are given the choice to participate or not, with the understanding that all three must complete the task for the quest to be successful.  Along the way their lives become intertwined by work, love, friendship and family. 

These are written in modern times, contrasting with the fantasy of magical kingdoms.  They are romance novels, but with enough character development to carry you through the series with interest.

My Thoughts: I enjoyed this series very much.  It makes for a good summer read.  Interesting enough to want to continue, but light enough to distract you from every day stress.  I enjoyed the differences in the women and the men that join them along the way.  Each book could stand alone, but makes much more sense as the series.  As with many of her more recent works, the mystery influence of her other writings peek into these romance novels a bit as well.  She creates people you would want to get to know and maybe become friends.

I realize I have not provided a very detailed description for this "review", but I would hate to give away components of the storyline that make it unique.  If you appreciate the type of writing by Nora Roberts or other similar writers, you will not be disappointed in this series.

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Courtney said...

I use to read a lot of Nora Roberts but haven't read any of her books in quite some time. Might have to pick one of these up.

Evelyn said...

I've never read any of her books. Will look out for her. Thanks.

Starrynews said...

Love Nora Roberts! I just finished her new one, Chasing Fire.

Love your new layout!

julandmatt said...

Marie Elizabeth,
totally off subject but thanks for introducing us to Kim Klassen. I just took a short class and learned many photoshop tips.
My blog might become fancier.....;)
take care

Misty Dawn said...

I have a couple Nora Roberts books on my bookshelves, but haven't read them yet. I'll have to pick one of them for my next read.