29 January 2012

overlapping hobbies

Since I'm not finding quite as many photo opportunities right now, I thought I would use the time to do something with the pictures I already have.  Occasionally Walgreens, CVS, or Snapfish will offer free prints.  I have taken advantage of the free 4x6 prints, which I pick up at the store to avoid shipping costs.  Here is what I have done with them:

 I combined my photo hobby with my stamping hobby and made some cards.  I have a ridiculous amount of stamps, punches and other tools to make all kinds of designs.  After sorting through my craft room - and let me tell you it was a tight battle for me to win - I decided to pull some things together.  One of my new year's thoughts was to say 'thank you" more often.  Here are a couple example cards for just that purpose.

I have made scrapbooks, mostly for others, but it's really not my thing.  Cards however, can be done in a reasonable amount of time and make a nice impact on someone's week.  So, if you're interested in doing something like this yourself, just be on the look out for the freebie giveaway days and maybe grab some craft supplies with the JoAnn or Michael's coupons in the Sunday paper. They even sell mini kits for card making, so you don't have to start large.



TexWisGirl said...

very creative. :)

Grandma Becky said...

Good idea! I have card blanks I get from Photographer's Edge that make great cards. I have some that are sitting in a plastic bin. I used to sell cards at shows. Not doing that now. So I am going to use them as stationery. I have empty card blanks to fill as well. i like the idea of your little tags that you put on them. I have alot of rubber stamps as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

Laura said...

They look great! I bet your friends and family will love receiving them. Happy crafting :).

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! They are beautiful.

julandmatt said...

Wonderful cards! We 'creative' people enjoy more than one hobby huh?