03 January 2012

Candy floss fun

 On New Year's Day we all were well fed by my brother and SIL.  While we were there, they showed us a cotton candy machine they were borrowing.  I'm a huge fan of cotton candy, so having a personal little machine seemed liked a really good idea!

Here Mom put candy cane pieces into the center portion where they melt and then spin into sugar floss.  They tried jolly ranchers too, but those didn't work as well.  The cherry flavored candy cane was my favorite.

You can see she's still waiting for the two front teeth - since they didn't arrive for Christmas!

Luckily, no new teeth required for this treat!

Here's big sister trying to eat and not laugh at me sticking the camera in her face, again!

And to top of the night, a little Wii dancing:



Laura said...

That looks like a fun party (and a pretty tree). My sister is jealous of the cotton candy machine - it's her favorite.

Mom of M&Ms said...

what a fun time... I love cotton candy... but not as much as my daughters... and Wii dancing.. sooo fun!